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We offer the following urgent care services:

DMV Phyisicals

Has your license been placed on hold due to a recent accident? We can help you get safely back on the road by reviewing your record of tests that may have been recommended previously and safely clear you to drive again. We are certified providers of DMV physicals, trained on policies and procedures approved by FMCSA.

DOT Physicals

Those in need of a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical may contact our office for an appointment. We also are qualified to obtain, review and report DOT drug tests by a certified MRO. We can provide drug tests that meet Federal “chain of custody” criteria.

Medical Drug Program Clearance

Are you dependent on prescribed drugs or  medications? Ready to make a change? We work with outpatient detox centers by medically clearing you to enter a detox program. We also provide prescriptions to help you through this challenging process. For more information, click here.

Pre-Employment Exam

  • TB testing
  • Evaluation of physical abilities to perform assigned tasks
  • Physical exam
  • Drug or alcohol testing
We provide pre-employment and post-accidental drug and alcohol testing by CLIA waived laboratory.


Meet requirements for school or work.

Workers Compensation

We accept workers compensation from various medical provider networks. Please call our office to discuss your claim in further detail. (916) 817-8400.

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